Wednesday evenings, my class of intermediate students are busy at their bench creating wonderful pieces of Art Jewelry.  Our group is usually 7 to 10 students eager to learn more, create more and have a fun time with their fellow artists.  Of course, we have our seasonal return students (one has been coming for 8 years)!  Pistachio nuts are provided and add that little break  when you need to think about the “next step”.  Did I mention we have a lot of fun?  Three of my students have been coming to class for 10 years.  Everyone has their own reason for coming to my class, but I think its the friendships we have built and are building, as well at the breadth of techniques they learn, which help them create that next new piece.  There is always something new to learn and we love learning from each other.

Two times are offered for Beginner classes on Thursdays.  We get together from either 2-5 or 6-9pm. During season when more people are in Florida looking for something to do, we get a good number of beginners attending.

The same class  times are offered on Wednesdays for the intermediate/advanced students.  The evening class is always going, but the day time class usually runs during Season with a break in the summer.  It really depends on how many people sign up.   I must have six people sign up for these classes, and classes will be canceled for the session if we don’t meet the required 6 minimum.

Private Classes
Currently I have several private students attending weekly.  These classes are structured exclusively for each student.  Since my schedule is crazy, we have to work out mutual day and time to have class.  These classes usually go 3 to 4 hours, depending on the needs of the student.  Sometimes I have beginner students that couldn’t sign up for my Cape Coral Beginner class, because it didn’t meet its quota (6 students).  Then it’s a fast paced learning to get them up to the level of intermediate in order to attend classes at the Cape OR they may choose to continue to learn  one on one until they move into their own studio.  Each student is different and has different interests and needs.  I offer more flexibility at these sessions.  I’ve noticed the most common theme during these sessions is student  amazement at the amount of things to learn!

The longer I’m in this business, I more I realize I too have much more to learn!

Sleeping Fox class information is here.  Thank you and happy creating!