This wonderful gallery is owner/operated, which means I am one of six owners who create our own style of art.  We are located on the water front at the beautiful Cape Harbour Marina Community in Cape Coral, Florida.   I am the only jewelry artist (silver smith) in our gallery. The gallery is open from 11:00am to 8:00pm daily (closed Mondays in the summer months- June through September).   I work on Monday each week during our high season and Saturday or Tuesday during the summer months.

Harbour View Gallery has a wonderful Visiting Artist program!

Each month our gallery has two new Invited  Artists; one 3-D and one 2-D artist to show and sell their work throughout the month.  We have a wine reception for them every first Tuesday of the month.  There are other shops,  three restaurants, a gelato shop and a band playing outside on the plaza on Tuesday nights all year-round, so this is a perfect time to come and enjoy the festivities with us.  I would love to see you there!  We have also implemented a new program called “Extended Visiting Artists” (EVA).  This means, the artists who have been a visiting artist (usually) with us before are asked to sell their work for an extended period of time in our gallery.  This allows us to have a greater selection of hand crafted, local  artwork in several mediums.  Usually our EVAs come to the receptions to join the Visiting Artists and our members in celebration.  So, you can meet all the artists, ask questions, see their new work and enjoy the evening.  We always a lot of fun.

More News:  We are expanding!  We are doubling the size of the gallery during the month of October 2013 and will be having our grand re-Opening in November.  Details will be posted later.
Please come visit the gallery before and after our expansion if you get a chance.  I think you will be really surprised!

UPDATE: October 15th    The gallery got a fresh coat of paint yesterday.  Today, the counter top will be added to the Framing Shop, Crown molding and base boards will be installed.  Our expansion project is moving right along!!!  We are all very excited.